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Green’s reviews always get 2 auto neg’s wtf this isn’t a bad review. The songs on here are incredible, ‘2 quarts’ is simply amazing, it’s fast, catchy and irresistible. ‘for the longest time’, my least favourite track on the cd is a cover song. Connect your spotify account to your last. Is one of the greatest drummers of all time and continues to be one of my biggest influences in punk rock. ‘someday’ is simply amazing. ‘sue’ is a fucking killer slab of skate punk i love it.

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Yellow card midget tossing. Dnes je streda, 4. Are you gonna do the rest of their discog? Midget tossing? woah, they’ll do anything for a few quid. ‘goodbye’ is good call and response punk. Anyhow, this is definitely among their worst albums.

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‘get off the couch’ is really melodic and fast. A new version of last. I might 5 for the album name alone.

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