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Wives who suck other. And that **** adds up fast. Why? why would you stay with a chick who is unwilling to let you enjoy one of the best things a guy can enjoy? she won’t let you do it with any other chicks. I could feel the head swell as i took its entire length in. But, from the look on his face, i already knew what he was going to say. Was it really that repulsive? i mean, my husband was the one who suggested it, and if he was ok with it, why shouldn’t i be. If your girl isn’t sucking your dick and if half of what i said applies to you; you should be outraged.

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But, under the circumstances, i felt myself becoming very nervous. It was still exciting for both of us and got us off. I continued stroking their dicks, in long, sensuous strokes, occasionally rubbing their balls.