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All this typing is getting my bone up for some cum play. Oh, you’re going to try to deny it? look how hard you cock is! you got hard as soon as i said it!” she says in a domineering way. I love the taste of other men’s cum if i licking and taste it in my wife’s hairless cunnie. Just pumping my cock into my wife and cumming without any ‘real’ sex is no different that jacking off.


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Wife likes me to taste cum. I personally love cum, but guys doing it just don’t turn me on. That’s it randy, feed him, make him a cocksucker! he’s your bitch! it’s so kinky to watch this sissy suck your cock. My wife and i have just started letting me eat my cum from her pussy. Just most guys don;t want admit it cuz they r afraid their buddies would think they are gay!!! But i prefer when he licks it off my breast. I have begged my wife to let me eat her after i cum in her, but she always grabs the towel.

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Im cool with that. I like to pump it up for hours then blow a huge load in my wife’s mouth and face.

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