Why cant girls orgasm as easily


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With that in mind, focus on g-spot stimulation while rubbing the clit. They also embarked on practical sex-therapy by using clitoral vibrators. Sometimes, the guys kind of think it’s like a challenge,” she says. Maybe because once the blood flow is there and i’m aroused. If i’m needing to bang one out fast and i’ve got five minutes max? i definitely reach for the womanizer.


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Why cant girls orgasm as easily. More than a single spot; it is an expansive network of erectile tissues, glands and nerves. There’s also the g-spot to consider. The only way i know i’ll get a piv orgasm is if i’m with two guys — having two dicks in me does it consistently. Just over 60 percent, or 510 women, responded to the mail-in survey. Assume the problem is with them, the girls, and not with the guys.

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Suddenly, this insensitive part of the body. A myth as anne koedt viewed vaginal ones.

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