Where to place deer lick


How to make a deer mineral lick

Keep in mind that the block will need to sit there for hours, or maybe even days, before the deer will catch a whiff and check it out. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Provides hours of enjoyment for nature lovers, watching not only deer, but rabbits, raccoons, elk, moose, and bear. As most hunters are aware, deer are attracted to salt and mineral blocks. Run a hot wire around the yard.


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Introduction: molasses deer lick

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Where to place deer lick. If you already have an established mineral site, this would be the time to freshen them up as well. Wear camouflaged clothing to help hide your presence. Thanks for your message. Maybe a greenhouse would keep them out! By placing the blocks in selected spots, deer can be lured away from crops, gardens, shrubs, and roadways, thus ensuring the peaceful co-existence so desired by environmentalists.


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Separate names with a comma. Set up a trough or bucket for the deer to feed from, and pour a healthy serving of grain or deer feed into it. Hoping freezing it will make it easier to get it out.

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