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Her decision was made. One evening, she took things a lot further. Big fat cock in my wet, inviting mouth. She removed her mouth from her dick and looked at me. The crotch of his pants. He knew how sensitive she was and he wanted to see if he could make her come just from nipple play. I hear you moan such a sexy fucking moan as you watch your cum drip from my mouth and onto your cock.


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Wet cum moan lick hard story. It is in this position with you on top that i can make best use of my hands on your ass which you willingly offer up to me. He could feel her muscles contracting as she came, almost taking him with her. Yes, more,” she said. Closed her eyes and said ‘noooo’ in a low voice.


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I came almost instantly. Did you feel her nipple? did she moan as you held her in your arms? what about your cock?” as she asked, her hand drifted down from my neck and came to settle on my dick.

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