Water masturbation tips


Bathroom faucet masturbation unleashed my sexuality | betty dodson with carlin ross

Vibrator play: vibrators are handy little gadgets and in my opinion every woman should have one tucked away in a drawer for those moments when you really need it. Play around with the different settings until you find the one that does the trick for you. For this reason we will just use the word dildo but you can read it as being whatever you have on hand (hair brush handle, carrot, candle, etc. It might help to use one or both hands to spread open your labia (vagina “lips”) so the water can flow directly onto your clitoris.


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Jacuzzi/hot tub

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Water masturbation tips. Adding water is the key. Using a cord off a dressing gown or a length of ribbon in the same way as detailed above is also fun. Take a bath, light some candles, play soft music: whatever it takes to make you feel sensual and sexual. If it’s not right, try sitting in a different position, change the water temperature, try a different pulse setting anything that makes if feel better. I then go to the tub and turn the faucet on.

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Dildo play

Masturbation need not be a hurried thing. It is worth considering issues of dildo size, especially if you are going to spend on a commercial one.

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