Treatment for facial nerve damage


Most cases of facial nerve paralysis in children can be treated successfully

There is no evidence to support initiation of prednisolone after 72 hours. For these reasons, facial nerve paralysis can carry a particular set of challenges. Do any of these factors apply in this case? Pain behind the ear often precedes facial paresis in idiopathic facial nerve palsy. The spinal accessory nerve can be used for simultaneous bilateral gracilis-based free-tissue reanimation as well. No tests may be needed.

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Treatment for facial nerve damage. Another common cause of facial nerve paralysis is when a tumor requires removal of a segment of the facial nerve. It is at the geniculate where the nervus intermedius joins the facial nerve proper, and the greater superficial petrosal and lesser petrosal nerves exit the facial nerve. This helps doctors to tell the difference between a bell’s palsy and other causes of a facial palsy. During the recovery process you may notice muscles recovering at different rates so the facial muscles are unbalanced. Blood test results, or medical procedure orders. In cases where motor end plates are still intact but a primary repair or graft is not feasible, a nerve transfer should be employed. When the nerve is transected, direct coaptation leads to the best outcome, followed by interpositional nerve grafting.

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Most people will recover from bell’s palsy in 1-2 months, especially those who still have some degree of movement in their facial muscles. These tend to overlap; however, the region just proximal to the geniculate ganglion is thought to be somewhat susceptible to vascular compromise secondary to the poorer redundancy present there compared with other areas.

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