The gohonzon can penetrate through everything


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Essentially, the great bodhisattvas taught by the buddha in his transient status and the great bodhisattvas who gathered from the other worlds were not qualified. When and if you you begin asserting all over the supremacy of the lotus sutra, i think you will see that nothing has changed. How do i receive the gohonzon with the ‘eyes open’ and. If you read all the sutras, you see his teachings evolve in terms of what is most pertinent to the times that we live in. Cultalert, one of the founders of this site, also started practicing when he was 19, but it was in 1970, when things were even more crazy than when you and i started practicing (1986 and 1987, respectively). Hope you can find time to correct.


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The gohonzon can penetrate through everything. Answer: your criticisms are extremely harsh. Dont have to carry the liturgy, mobile does it. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is written down the center of the gohonzon in bold characters. I m new to this practice. It’s whatever you like, mark.

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Very positive very energetic. The daishonin clarifies that it.

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