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I gave in to the temptation, lol. Now that i have it, it isn’t really a big deal. It’s hard enough to see girls that are in 4th grade getting breasts, this is the “norm” now. Kids in school don’t realize when you treat someone bad. But please, mom, do talk to her about the messages she sends with what she wears. I think that society is sexualizing our kids (especially girls) way too early these days! you can get low cut bikinis for little girls as small as 4! now why would you need low cut bikinis for a kid that size! it’s so hard to find flat and functional sandals for my daughter without there being a big heel (some as big as 1 1/2″).

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Teen thongs college. Depending on the age, i think thongs are inappropriate for any girl under the age of 18. They call normal underwear “granny panties”? this has caused a major problem in our relationship. She says it’s just too racy for a teenager in high school to be wearing them. Whats up my peoples? bangbros is back with another awesome update of. And i got good grades! (07/11/2007). This is a sex ridden society, and unfortunately the media likes to targets the 13-18 age group.

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This year i wanted to wear thongs really bad. Good luck! it’s not what you wear that matters.