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Some might be missing a head, have a broken tail or be shorter than normal. A caffeine amount greater than 500 mg. There are over 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. With respect to the female, although there has been thought that orgasm might help propel sperm through the uterus, to the fallopian tube where the egg is waiting, there are no data to support that theory. Separate names with a comma.


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The diy crowd is revolutionizing artificial insemination

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Studs cick sperm my egg. The obese having a 60% reduction in pregnancy compared to those in the normal range. It seems clear that the consumption of 100-200mg. So, in half of the couples evaluated, there is a problem with the male. There are several studies that have looked at caffeine intake and its effect on reproduction.

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Soon to come to the uk market is a hand held progesterone meter , which is being developed in new zealand. One third of couples have purely male factor infertility and up to 50% of couples have both male and female factor infertility. Tci = transcervical insemination, placing approx.