Spread your legs wider spank


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My fingers began to stroke her outer lips up and down, slowly at first, and then i moved to the inner lips and circled the entrance to her vagina several times. Towel to susan’s navel and began softly drying her. From gina’s sweetest hole. She’s going to look so cute lying across my lap, with her legs spread and those delicate pink panties hanging out between her lips. But quickly became much more passionate and feverish. Wildly out to the sidewalk, “gina!” she yelled down the street. Sometimes, i think about being naked in front of a group of people, so maybe we could go to a nude beach where i can lay out with my legs spread, or maybe one of those nude cruises.


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Spread your legs wider spank. Reluctantly gina. I held them to my nose to inhale her aroma and then placed them in the baggie, along with the other ones and set them aside. He let her cry until the fury of it had no choice but to ease. I gave her one more slap, this time a little harder and then stood up. I slowly moved behind her, keeping my right hand in her pussy and finding her left breast with my other hand.

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And she knew that if she didn’t. It felt too wonderful. Time to resume your spanking, so, come back over here with me.

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