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Compensation is paid by check and is anonymous. If you are happy to disclose details of the donors then equally you should be happy to disclose details of the recipients. The concept that a mother sleeping around to the point of not knowing who is fathering her children is equally lacking in any sense. They said they reimbursed expenses, such as lost wages and travel costs, on a case-by-case basis. We don’t even pay someone for donating blood. The right to know who you father is comes ahead of the right to privacy.

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Sperm donor reinbursment. Very well put, mark. She wants to find her half siblings. Men went into sperm donation knowing that it was anonymous, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. I, and many other people no doubt, have blood relations that we don’t like/get along with at all !


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To say that a social innovation is wrong because there may be one or two unpredictable outcomes is ridiculous. The fact that doctors involved in ivf and art conveniently overlooked all of that and decided on my behalf that that would not matter to me is sickening, paternalistic and insulting.

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