Smaw vertical down penetration

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Low hydrogen smaw electrodes

First the 3/8 inch plate and the second is a 1 inch plate. In cases such as these, inverters with arc force control help prevent the rod from sticking. What i said was due to not knowing the op’s intentions. The primary culprit of poor electrode performance is moisture.


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Smaw vertical down penetration. Sheet metals and with a sq. Rutile electrodes (exx12, exx13, exx14, and exx24) should be stored at 100 to 150 degrees f. 1000 s is a medium thick coated electrode suitable for general construction and offers a very smooth seam surface. I did not need to do this, but why take a chance! here is the root weld ground down. Easy slag removal and the electrodes can be bent very well to improve accessibility to hard to reach places.

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Getting the travel speed right will just take time and practice. Of course you have to provide a root gap (where required) depending upon the size of the electrode and travel speed.

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