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However, they do provide a nice, thin, lightweight layer of warmth when there’s a bit of chill in the air and you don’t need thick, bulky thermals. Once you have been hired and have established yourself as a superstar, you can decide whether to try to change the office trends. And always keep a backup pair of pantyhose in the office. Given all those advantages, it’s strange to me that skirts are still considered (aforementioned kilts aside) an exclusively feminine garment.


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Skirt caaught in pantyhose. She was a very tough woman. Or rub some antiperspirant or baby powder on your feet before slipping into your stockings. I haven’t tried this myself yet but thought it might be worth a try – not a lot to lose – would be a cheap and easy solution if it works. I get shocked left and right when pushing that cart! Sadly, i wanted to join the blog hop too, but my week was crazily busy! :-/ maybe next week.

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The connecticut civil liberties union told the school in a letter dated nov. Three basic kinds of compression hose are: drugstore and department store brands like oroblu that designate “support” or “compression” on the packaging; over-the-counter hose sold at medical supply stores; and prescription-strength hose that require special fittings. It will stop the cling.