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It drives me mad as i diligently do my maids work with the pink willy warmer sticking straight out wanting so badly to have it stroked or its plug removed and be allowed to come. This is how they spend every sunday afternoon. She then let the cum drip on her fingers and fed it to me then sat on my face until she came. My mistress usually tells me when she wants my orgasm to be ruined. Method, which means oozing not spurting.

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She ruins orgasm. Sex bomb yasmin scott is ready to tease your cock with her hot body and big boobs! of course she knows how much you like the combination of her horny looks and her rubber gloved hands. That’s my favorite time to play with his nuts. I have finally found a willing pet and really find your ideas on dealing with them very on point. She would play with my shaft and get it hard then ride it to more orgasms. Another appointment with his mistress. Sometimes my spunk would build up and shoot for a second time which was more painful which seem to make her horny.

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It’s wrong, it’s so wrong! and you’re not even into his friend. Ruined orgasm is better. I would try not to shoot as i knew it was painful but after a while i would feel my spunk build up and build up then shoot with great force to immediately start a painful pumping spasm which sometimes went on and on for a long time before subsiding leaving a strong pain in my groin.

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