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But i can`t bring myself to do a full-blown brazilian. If it makes any difference i trim myself up occasionally. The form is being sent. I did shave it all at one time mostly because it was the thing to do, but like this much better and naked i actually look like a 26 year old and not a 9 year old.


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Shaved and unshaved. Leave a landing strip, bush on top, trim from the beginning of the clitoral hood down. I like the feel of shaved, but honestly i’m not all hung up on it. Unshaven will likely be around for long. Heavy growth was the big winner, with most women ranking some significant facial hair as the most attractive. Register number: 04666380 (england and wales), vat no.


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I prefer it to be unshaved. That’s something someone says, that doesn’t shave and feels embarrassed about it.

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