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Gravity will win whether you like it or not. 2 law school students/clerks: one no hose, one wearing white hose with a navy suit. Now, to be fair, going there probably won’t actually fulfill any of your fantasies, but viewing the videos will give you the chance to vicariously experience a number of sexy scenarios involving pantyhose. * please include pros and cons about the site, its content, usability, payment process, etc. I work in an art museum and tend towards more formal/professional attire than my colleagues, and usually wear brightly colored tights with more neutral clothing. Nude or tan hose on an attractive woman with nice legs and the clickety clack sound of her heels is just a wonderful treat that i will never get bored with. Hose is akin to 3-d air-brushing.


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Sexy pantyhose jobs. Bed humping in black pantyhose. But i do agree that sheer energy was great for me, and it did turn heads my way. All models are 18 years of age or older. Pantyhose may be less essential today than they were a generation ago. If you wear a dress, you might choose a neutral. I bought a pair of black hose from walmart yesterday, some weird brand, as my wolfords had a run in them. * balance is an essential component when posting comments.

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This is a great page / great advice. When i wore hose, i would wear the anklet over my hose. If she is already pretty, she will look hot when rocking the full business professional attire.