Seeing my dad masturbate


I saw my dad masturbating? | yahoo answers

Was flooding me with every movement. But i love him and i want to! i don’t know what to do! lately i make sure i rub my button and tight hole against the head of his peter when we play and i can tell he wants to slide in so bad. When i was 15, my dad and i lived alone together. Was my true love. As for talking about things, go right ahead.

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Seeing my dad masturbate. And he calls me little girl and baby girl all the time! i just can’t believe it, he’s really thinking about me. Dad’s penis was an object of curiosity for me just because he was adult and i was a boy. But mom and dad, despite the vast gulf between them, figured they’d invested twenty years in their marriage and were reluctant to admit failure. While he was gone at work one day, i found it because i was snooping.


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Then i’d run like hell. Show me yours, dad. I certainly understand that never seeing your parents naked might lead to bottled up emotions, and i really wished that people weren’t raised up in such prudish homes :/ although i must admit that sauna is probably one of the easiest ways to be naked with other people without sex really being involved.

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