Seeing blue during orgasm

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Eight weird things that can happen after you orgasm | daily mail online

I am yet to have my brain scanned for abnormalities and my sight, other than being a bit short-sighted, is fine. I was floored by this experience as i never knew that sex could hold such strong visuals and feelings, all without a tab of lsd in sight. Speaking to her co-host jase hawkins, the 27-year-old revealed how the use of an ab roller device caused the awkward incident to happen while exercising with her personal trainer. Every so often, some lying jerk uses the power of scams for a greater good.

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Seeing blue during orgasm. Labelled ‘post-orgasm illness syndrome’, this is a side-effect that can affect men after ejaculation. Some women have reported their lover has literally taken them to another world. About 75 percent of women will experience a noticeable red flush to their cheeks, feet and hands as part of the sexual excitement and response cycle. Squeezing these pc muscles during sex add a much appreciated surprise for the men, and the ladies will be happy to learn that the stronger you keep your pc muscles, the harder you’ll come. Subside and change if i lose arousal then instantly back to purple as it peaks again. ‘onset of these symptoms is rapid and can last up to four to seven days’ said the report.


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They may be able to help you cope with it somehow. Wow i actually learned a lot! i see colors all the time, and i never knew what they meant until now. (having lots more rods than cones is what leads to colour blindness.

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