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Example: if you trade in the seventh set, you get 20 armies; if you trade in the eighth, you get 25 armies, and so on. But if you have 5 or 6 cards at the beginning of your turn, you must trade in at least one set, and may trade in a second set if you have one. Until the game gets fixed (most likely never) you realistically have two choices:
1. Risk: global domination gives players the chance to challenge other players or automatically be matched up with available players all over the world. The defender will roll either 1 or 2 white dice: to roll 2 dice, he or she must have at least 2 armies on the territory under attack. North africa may attack egypt, western europe and brazil.

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Risk global domination rules. 1993 also includes some alternate rules for. (to control a continent, you must occupy all its territories at the start of your turn. The audio is filled with inane comments by the computer characters. 12 secret mission cards used only in secret mission risk. You must always have at least two armies in the territory you’re attacking from. At the beginning of subsequent turns, you may trade in matched sets of cards and take additional armies based on the total number of sets anyone has traded in so far. Start the game by placing infantry pieces.

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The classic board game that millions have enjoyed around the world comes to life in an all-new video game. Later, you can trade in 5 infantry for 1 cavalry, or 2 cavalry (or 1 cavalry and 5 infantry) for 1 artillery.