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Rhode island’s crime and corruption certainly haven’t hurt its economy. In the 1600s, when rhode island welcomed outcasts, heretics, and pirates, puritans called the state a “moral sewer” and “rogue’s island. Some are unfazed by yet another attack on the state’s reputation. In a press release, The first female governor of rhode island, was elected.


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Rhode island domination. In the last few months, providence — long considered the organized-crime capital of new england — has been the scene of a string of dramatic trials and investigations. The probes have tarnished the images of, among others, the state’s highest judge, its largest bank, its most prestigious university, a us congressman, and the powerful roman catholic church. For uncovering widespread corruption within its own court system. A female senior at brown university and a prominent providence insurance agent were indicted last month for participating in a prostitution ring. I’m well versed in sissy training, sissy transformation, corporal, humiliation, bondage, hypnotic domination, puppy and pony play, and numerous other exquisite forms of delicious torture. Cronyism, corruption, and organized crime have also been nurtured by the long tradition of single-party domination.

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A booming connecticut, especially in the insurance and defense industries, only helps rhode island. Bevilacqua, is undergoing an impeachment inquiry for his alleged ties to organized crime. Some businesses are deterred by the prospect of payoffs and bribes.

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