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I forgot all about miss frizzle!! thank you, and good luck with your halloween costume!! I was at a loss. 6)rankin & bass’ animated version of pinnochio. And crop the main part of the wallpaper to your targeted resolution. Mary ann– someone mentioned woody woodpecker.


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Redhead green eyed anime girl. Glad to know you are enjoying my continued list of toon redheads. It will serve as inspiration for my next hallowe’en costume! Still, he is probably the best leader the red clan can ask for. Though she plays a ’60s redhead on television, christina hendricks’ iconic color transcends decades. Then he goes and flirts with random women and hostesses, and you forget why you felt bad for him.

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Mary jane shows the sweeter, more innocent side of comic book redheads. I am talking about the peanuts cartoon here.

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