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Hey buddy, this is america and we speak american. Weasley cannot save a thing, he cannot block a single ring, that’s why slytherins all sing: weasley is our king. Or it could be different alleles within the same loci. A truly interesting story. If not, raise your standards.

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Redhead asian girl. At the time she was born (1953) it was illegal or “frowned” upon to adopt children outside of your specific race. Holy freud on a popsicle, batman. That means america is english. Can get dupeytron’s contracture. Did she never suspect she may be mixed till you kiddies popped out? Your mom definitely doesn’t look 100% korean. ‘the funniest one is when i’m charged the foreigner price for public attractions because they think i’m a backpacker, so i have to prove i’m indian.


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I love tim minchin, and that song is brilliant. Those are some strong redheaded genes in your family.