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The less body fat and the more lean mass, the more efficiently the body’s metabolism runs. You look good to me. So if i walk 3 times per week in the afternoons without resistance training will it still work? or it is necessary to walk everyday in the morning for best results, and one more thing, my body type is mesomorph so which resistance training wo can u suggest? thank u. My second query, was in regards to a piece you mentioned on your blog about metabolic damage. Thank you for the advice! would you recommend staying with level 0 on bikes etc too? at the moment i alternate between 0-1. Hi fara, nothing will slim down your legs like walking and running. Ingesting too much sugar can cause your blood sugar to stay elevated, making it harder for your body to shed extra weight.


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Rate my chubby but. If you are trying to reduce muscle on your legs or you bulk up easily, it might be best to avoid hiit altogether. Nice tits and pussy. So sometimes we run. Encouraged class discussion and questions to which he gave answers that deepened our understanding.

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Also none of the running is longer than 30 minutes, but if you find running difficult, you can substitute it for another type of cardio or walking. And also, 30 minutes of power walking should be the minimum.

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