Puncture of anus


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] this can be explained by the possible absence of entry of solid faecal matter on aspiration until mixed and diluted by added anaesthetic solution. Penetration without lubrication can tear the delicate tissue inside the anus, which can lead to pain and bleeding. Anal injuries can also be caused by sexual activity involving insertion of objects, fingers or a penis through the anus and into the rectum. On the other hand, rfbs inserted in the rectum per anally are noted most commonly in middle-aged men in context of autoerotic instrumentation [. This can lead to great chances of infections.

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Puncture of anus. These maneuvers may cause the objects to displace more proximally and lead to rectal injury [. If there is evidence of sphincteric injury, surgical repair should be delayed [. Written informed consent was obtained from the patients for publication of this case report and accompanying images. A solution of local anesthetics was slowly infused in all four quadrants to the submucosal level. An object in the rectum is called a foreign body.


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Follow-up care

Characteristics of the patients were presented in table. He reported to have unusual sexual habits.

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