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My suggestion to you is that you talk to him and each time you are about to have sex, give him a strong kiss//smooch so that he gets really horny and i tell you, men are quick to rush their shaft in to the vagina when they get turned on by their partners. Last in the bedroom. Once you’re penetrating her, have her rotate her torso so her legs are pointing in opposite directions. Her legs should be stretched out behind her, but can be bent at the knees for more support. Nevertheless, skilfulness and understanding how to use sex positions also plays a great role. It makes me not wanna have sex with him. For more support, she can place a pillow under her stomach or prop herself up with her forearms with her hands framing her head and neck.


Coital alignment technique (cat)7 sex positions for women in any different situation

Girl on top aka straddling your man

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Position sex technique. It allows you to dictate the pace and depth of thrusting, but mainly, you have easy access to your clitoris,” says berman. The position will increase how tight your vagina feels by virtue of the position, but also it engages the vaginal muscles due to the pressure making them squeeze tighter. Looking for more “oh”s than “ouch”s? here’s your move: “the guy lies on his side; she lies perpendicular to him with legs spread as they rest over his body,” dr. Feedback is important in the during sex. Here are some scientific guidelines on what we should be shooting for. It can work for him if he has trouble going the distance,” she says. Plus, your breasts will be perfectly aligned with his mouth, adding a whole other layer to the sexual experience.

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In addition to the freedom of movement, there are a few other benefits to this move. To be honest, aside from the awesomeness of the name, you might find this one a bit challenging. And i dont do submission very well.

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