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The best sex positions for your astrological sign

At the same time, they don’t want someone who is really emotional. ) cancers: don’t be afraid to tell your partner that this is your favorite kind of foreplay. Cancers mother the hell out of their lovers, sometimes to the point of smothering. So if you’re a gemini, you should def try. The flirtatious geminis don’t settle easily for long-term partners, simply because they have too much energy and too big of a hunger for trying out new stuff. The compatibility of aries with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life.


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Position sex sign zodiac. If we take some of these forecasts into consideration, it is easy to tell what you like and dislike in bed, as well as what sex position blows your mind like no other. Any position that involves eye contact, they love to entice you with their eyes. This is a wonderful bond that is often seen in friendships that last for years. In other words, they need attention on them all the time. If you’re a pisces, you should simply engage your inner fishy and get down by or in the water, be it a pool, ocean, hot tub, or bath. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you should go and build a stage for your bedroom to have great sex on. Things don’t get more intimate than belly-to-belly.

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But what happens if you can’t get to an ocean? that’s where “the submarine” comes in, in which your man sits on the second or third step of a pool or hot tub bench, you sit on his lap, and lean back until you’re floating on the water. Perhaps “what’s your sign?” isn’t such a bad question after all.

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