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Sebastian bach all the way. Interestingly, when we reported on anselmo’s initial comments, He said something about how saint louis was a town of niggers and mexicans and if it was up to him he would have just drove on through. Try to look at it from their perspective. The best way to go to sleep. Dave is just a generally shitty person.

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Nicks nonsense and nightmares: is phil anselmo a nazi? or just an asshole?Six musicians you didnt know might be bigots | dallas observer

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Phil anselmo on zakk wylde taking dimebag darrell’s place for possible pantera reunion – “there ain’t no filling them fucking shoes”

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Phil anselmo asshole. Back before lawsuits and all that shit started creeping in. It’s much heavier, man. Yeah one of the greatest pleasures in life is jazz til midnight on public radio. Arrogance is a terrible thing. Interviewed the acacia strain.

F*ck you, phil anselmo, you contemptible bigot - the daily banter

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Talking shit about us again? that guy’s a fucking pussy. Full of himself, oh god yes.