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An etruscan tomb in italy, dating from 490 bc, (and called the. What is it, you may wonder, women gain from being spanked by their husbands? several of the cdd sites are clear women are not being punished necessarily for their transgressions against their husbands but rather the spanking is intended to alleviate guilt women have for being bad wives. The same was not generally true for young men. This is not to say that everyone into sadism or masochism is doing so for psychologically healthy reasons. Corporal punishment involves hitting someone physically, and spanking is a specific type used to eliminate undesirable behavior in children. You have been warned. I wouldn’t even classify it as erotic.

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Percentage of men who spank women. Strange that tennessee’s whiskey is such utter piss then. At the other end of the spectrum – least happy – were men who reported being attracted to men but had never acted on their desire and didn’t regard themselves as gay. 8 percent of women whereas 22 percent of men indicated that it was a fantasy of theirs, or the fantasy to have sex with someone legally much younger, which 18. Maybe that should prompt us to re-consider whether or not feminism is silly and outdated. I would gladly recommend him for anybody cause he is really powerful and can make things happen.

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In his study, he came to the conclusion that to consider how someone could come to find spanking sexual, one must consider “the larger social contexts in which ‘sexualized corporal punishment’ need to be placed,” plante. The world is a harsh place, and if a man acts up he gets put in his palce quickly (at his job, by the cops, by other men). To this day, people like robertson, hagee, etal spew hatreds and calumnies against god, using the bible as their dispensing device.

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