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And it’s bloody expensive. For example, the number of people with diabetes is growing in china. The whole world seems to have gone wechat mad, and perhaps rightly so. Chinese tourists have long been a major global spending force, but recent figures have revealed just how large the market really is. With more than 600 million internet users, china is a rich prize. Market penetration is supposed to be a low-risk business growth strategy typically centered around increasing marketing and sales efforts, and sometimes increasing the number of business locations in the interest of capturing greater shares of an existing customer base.


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Penetrate the local chinese market. Chinese buyers can choose between more brands and more cars than any other car buyer in any other country. The principal aim of this paper is to dispel some of the myths propagated about chinese business, and explore the reasons behind both successful and unsuccessful marketing and sales approaches in china. Census bureau, among other sources. With the market share advantage, early entry also comes with the benefit of being first to connect with and make an emotional impression on the new audience. Standard subscribers can view extracts of each report for free.

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Knowing when market penetration is appropriate

No facebook, rather wechat, no twitter, rather weibo, no google, instead baidu & forget youtube, time to embrace youku. The gazette offers you up-to-the-minute national and international news, opinion, features, in-depth articles plus a jobs and appointments section.

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