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Why parents should never spank children

Then let the child try again as soon as possible so the child can show what was learned. I learned as a very small child to lie carefully while looking mother in the eye to avoid being screamed at and hit, and eventually i simply stopped feeling any love for her at all. I strongly agree with the alternatives in this article and wish that they had been present in my own household. The result was no surprise to dr. The world is harsh and so is war.


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Parents who spank form. This did not provide any real evidence from the study to support their no spanking stand. I agree with some of your comment but feel you are generalizing too much. Explain to me how her (also crazy mother) at age 16 attacked a cop, broke his ribs, and stole his police cruiser, should be “reasoned” with. I split my time between so. Hitting is a totally different thing, it should not be aloud. These studies demonstrate that a brief exposure to research findings can reduce positive corporal punishment attitudes in parents and non-parents.

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Spanking: damaging and ineffective

Do your research and talk to the people and experts in your life whom you trust. It may have literally saved her life.

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