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When women dress up they might still wear pantyhose. I was born in 1956. Or even stockings with a garter belt. I once had a girlfriend who could piss just like her, if only i had the chance to video her, there would have been some epic footage to show back then. Interessant is ooch die tamponkordel zwischen ihren schamlippen.

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I peed in my pantyhose | the stocking girlsWhy did women stop, for the most part, wearing pantyhose? - quora

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Pantyhose piss heels (@doorbell451) on twitterPin by are pee on pantyhose feet  no rht | pinterest | sexy stockings, stockings and stockings lingerie

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Pantyhose stockings pee. Die frooche is nur, warum sie sie nich abbutzt, wie im letztn video. She could be dangerous; maybe put out an eye of some poor unsuspecting guy, wanting to get a close-up look! None of that was enough. Only the memories remain. I am truly amazed by her.

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Before pantyhose, women had to wear a garter belt to hold stockings up. God knows i did, and so did every other woman i knew. Previously, some of the only women who shaved their legs were.