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It wasn’t easy before mom & dad split – they yelled, they fought and as sometimes happens tracy or i would catch hell for something minor just because they were mad at each other. A trip over their lap, and the spankings began. I’d almost forgotten that i was in for the same treatment until i heard mom say, “now maybe you’ll realize i mean what i say and your brother’s going to learn the same thing in a minute or so. Furious, ayn calls rachel in and tells her she must be punished. Now we move onto this look which is more cute than sexy. Banging on a traffic violator’s car and cursing at him only escalates an already tense situation. All clips sold are to be viewed by the purchaser only and are not to be shared, traded or posted for others to download.


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Panties brother spank. It looked like she was getting close to cumming and i’m not sure if it was a noise, a movement or she just sensed me but suddenly she looked my way and froze for a few seconds, let out a short scream and started sputtering. Broke my very expensive lamp, and until one or both of you confesses, you’re both in big trouble. She must have gotten bored surfing because next she went right to my porn folder (now i knew she’d been there before) and she spent a few seconds looking before she noticed the ‘new vids’ folder and quickly opened it up. You must be logged in to use this feature. Either one works for me. As i drifted off to sleep, remembering those happy, carefree days, i resolved to pay mum a visit; i hadn’t seen. The memory of her warmth on my lap, her bare ass going from white to pink to red and the tempting swell of her bare pussy lips peaking out guaranteed a huge cum.

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At first i thought she was going to argue but she obviously realized that wasn’t a good plan so she did what i told her and quickly found her ass getting sore and red. When i say ‘good looking’ it might even be an understatement. Soon they were both naked and masturbating and of course that led to all sorts of touching and fucking.

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