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After readin this page i need to go to the doctors. But its been nearly two weeks and my poo is kinda there but cant come out !!! help it hurts loads and my tummy is bloated. I was wondering if i should just go to the dr to get it checked out or if i should just wait a little while and see if it settles down on its own. Has any one else suffered this weired effect that sometimes just happens? I’m going to see my family doctor in the next few days, asap. The sensor is connected by a cable to a computer.


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Pain near the anus. She sometimes has a sudden anal pain, but its very rare, like atmst 2-3times a year. Before a month, i had anal sex with my boy friend using a numbing lotion so as to prevent my anus from pain. After massaging for a while the pain moved to my but cheeks. If you are not at home, use wet toilet paper and wash, rather than rub.


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Treatment has been with hyoscine hydrobromide (buscopan) which works within five minutes. I have what looks like a slit in my anus.

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