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No goals, no pressured-orgasms, no guilt. Participants were a small (n=6), non-representative sample of females. Many couples like to employ more explicit foreplay techniques to heighten arousal further. To this end, the oxytocin-releasing bliss of.

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Orgasm for conception. There is another theory on why female orgasm exists. ; king et al. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. For example, following administration of oxytocin, there was insuck of suitable material into the fallopian tube ipsilateral to the dominant ovary.

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Put you in the mood. Given all this, plus the exploratory nature of the study, it was considered reasonable to analyze the results as a unit despite the fact that the initial intent had included a test of the putative difference between high/low fertility conditions. 17) and non-orgasm (m=3.

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