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And during the winter you shall stay naked when you run into the snow and freezing water after sitting in the sauna. One of the previous winners has fallen to a third place this year. Certainly children shouldn’t be there, it’s quite dangerous. The nightlife were better in supetar as well.


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Norway nudist beach. Ziatni rat was as awesome as advertised! whether you want to relax, drink, jetski, wind surf, shop, sunbathe, or paraglide – you can do it! anything imaginable in a beach setting can be found in bol. We swam in the sea, bought some of those shoes that protect. The istrian peninsula in north-west croatia saw the highest concentration of such resorts. Please read and share your thoughts! i will be continuing this blog from my future residence in the norwegian arctic! If you go to the left you will find the most popular with a restaurant, and fine sand beach. The beach is an ideal place to laze around sunbathing or to go and have a dip in the sea. The hvalstrand beach has been awarded a blue-flag, and consists of facilities like diving tower, the docks, toilets, etc.

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Sandefjord for children

This hotel might just have the best location in oslo, where none of the rooms look the same. Best beach in brac, but a bit expensive for everything. It might just have the most impressive outdoor pool in all of norway.

Beautiful - though nudist beach is fairly rocky - zlatni rat beach, bol traveller reviews - tripadvisor

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