New ways for guys to masturbate

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23 ways to make jerking off even better

Circumcised men often receive stimulation by applying pressure directly to the penile shaft, which leads to a squeezing type motion. It is really interesting how black women have the tendency to. I’ve always liked a good lube better than lotion or vaseline. In my experience, the following accessories make terrific add-ons to any self-pleasuring session, no matter how experiences or inexperienced you happen to be. This is another simple and straightforward masturbation technique focusing on your clitoris. Such as fleshlights, that will do the trick much more efficiently. The other reason i feel like i have something worth sharing is that i have done a strange amount of research into the best male masturbation techniques and i figure i should share that comprehensive research with the world!


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Focus on your testicles

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New ways for guys to masturbate. But connell says that way of thinking can often extend to the bedroom with your partner, and you do not allow yourself to truly feel each and every sensation of the movement and experience. I use my girlfriend’s vibrator on and around my balls. This technique allows greater penis stimulation over the entire surface of the penis whether it is large or smaller. Changing hands, just like switching positions, can cause different sensations that could lead to intense ejaculation. I am a transgender (ftm) and i thought these tips and guides were amazing, but i have a few questions and concerns that i think u might be able to help me with, 1. I enjoy men who love to fuck their hands. Inside, you will learn how to finger yourself and have back-arching, eye-popping orgasms.


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This masturbation technique is also great if you like giving yourself extra stimulation during sex when you can easily access your clit. Try kneeling or standing and thrusting into your hand. Masturbation is a healthy, natural way to explore your fantasies and discover what makes you feel good.

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