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Then soon we’ll set this up. Now regarding your excellent detailing of the fantasy at hand. Now i have no idea when you’ll actually see this, though you mentioned access to email while in fl. It has been very hectic around here lately. The fact there is nothing but fuzz in this area proves to me more and more convincingly the quality of my orders:


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Neoprene strap spank. There will be no more delay than necesary, trust me on this. On thursday (tomorrow) at stl. I am eager to hold them in my hands and to smell them. Want some examples? how you dress and then how you are instructed to undress matters. From retail solutions to pool side equipment we can supply all that you need. I dressed up exactly as i plan to do for you including the undergarments and jewelry as i previously described to you.

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My exact plan was as you suggested and asked about appropriateness: flogging your thighs — leather strop or paddle for ass. This is no different that the seeker boldly taking his chosen path, even if he or she doesn’t not know exactly what the scenary will look like. We will add garters and vary costuming in the future.

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