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You will be dealt with. He picked up such ideas like the second coming of jesus. Collected along the trade routes. It will be too late to stop it once they realize that the islamic intention is to take all others freedoms away.

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The quiet revolution: islam’s search for world dominance

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Muslim domination of the world. My real name is david tsal. (aukamakal peace be upon him)). And i promise with a mighty oath that you will never be able to. In response to what you that islam should be destroyed by men.


You must have a bond with society. Only 600 hands were cut (which is the punishment in islam for the theft which meets the quran and sunnah criteria) in a rich history spanning more than 1300 years. How then are you deluded oh grand gizmo (and non muslims alike) from the truth? so when you go about slandering a prophet, make no mistakes you slandered them all.