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Is it true that saltpetre was used to suppress the sexual urges of soldiers during wwii? - quora

Soy is a plant that contains phytoestrogens. Rumors that a worker at cadbury plant was arrested for contaminating the company’s products with hiv-infected blood are a variant of an old and false rumor. These foods and drinks include coffee, onions, garlic and strong spices. So when mess & maintenance week rolled around prior to the start of third phase. Your gun is a broken link. The army, and as far as i know none of the other branches use saltpeter in their food during basic or any other time.

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Does the military really slip men saltpeter to decrease their sex drive?Burning question: does the military try to suppress the sex drive of recruits?

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Fact check: saltpeter in the military


Military sex suppressing food. Cannabis is already legal in several states and could soon be legal from coast to coast. We did everything together except sleep and use the showers and head. As we have already seen, the high stress of training (and of combat) would already have an effect on testosterone, so adding to this effect would be ill-advised, and if saltpeter had actually been used and worked, the effects produced would probably have been more than expected. Eating too many of these phytoestrogens could disrupt hormone balance in both men and women, depressing libido across the board. But boy did they try like hell. )), saltpeter seems a poor alternative.

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Basically, anywhere men are separated from women, the organizations do not want them to be distracted, or to become restless and thus misbehave, because they are overwhelmed by sexual desire. Com does not monitor comments posted to this site (and. I can honestly state that being in basic did not squash many of their libidos.

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