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Rajinikanth: ok, mom (lights up a cigarette as she walks away). Rajinikanth: here you go. It does not happen many times in my life, but i have been rendered completely speechless. The video made its way to the e! tv show the soup, the msnbc shows countdown with keith olbermann and tucker carlson, g4tv’s attack of the show! and elsewhere. Gained over 10 million+ views and a series of remixes as well as dancing midget spoofs were created. Months later in september 2006, yet. This guy is misinterpreted as a child artiste by some, but he is actually an adult with dwarfism.


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Midget breakdancing video. Thavakalai: buddy, i’m ten years older than you. Clip has gained over +10 million views and spawned a series of remix / parody videos. Thavakalai: dude, give me a cigarette. Stoned dancing remix by ursofunny. Actor kingkong has also choreographed a dance in doritos tandoori sizzler commercial shown in canada which was shot in india. No registered users viewing this page. Romance comedy starring rajinikanth and kanaka.

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The viral video of the break-dancing midget from rajnikanth’s adhisaya piravi is a hit!

There wasn’t but i came across this. After hearing that alan branch could breakdance i went to youtube to see if there was a video of it.