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The primal, animalistic magic of autofellatio | badwolf/blog

We’ve all tried to suck our own cocks at least once. My advice would be to just meet a nice young man who looks like you and suck his dick. It’ll take a lot of patience, practice and stretching to get your own wet mouth wrapped around your stiff member. All models on this site are 18 or older. Term that means “sucking your own dick,” can be traced back to a bunch of frisky egyptians’ creation myth. Roy’s self-sucking moment only last seconds but it’s had a big impact on the famous straight porn star’s fans. You can find more videos like shemale selfsuck autofellatio below in the related videos section.

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Masturbation videos autofellatio. You need to be a contortionist or at least a very limber gymnast to even come close. You can imagine how well this went over with his highly religious family. What drew me to it? i have a penis and a mouth. Whose sexual sharing is some of the best one can find. In an attempt to show seka how he wants her to suck his dick, he actually suck his own dick.


The #1 downloadable clip site on the web. The exposure in the positions required for autofellation is total; these men have nothing to hide and are sharing their most extreme pleasure juxtaposed with their most extreme vulnerability.