Marketing to interracial couples

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Are gay and interracial couples used as a marketing strategy by companies nowadays? - quora

Of course, not all viewers have been enthusiastic or even accepting. Where are these couples? what world is that from? i mean if it was a novelty thing it’d be okay, but it’s like all of them! i know a few responsible black guys guys in relationships with white girls, but like the ratio is so small compared to all the people i know, why are they trying to target just those 2-3 couples out of the thousands they could be selling to. You need to realize that jews own a lot of these channels and advertising companies anyway. 1 – our culture is changing for the better despite the efforts of a loud minority, but this does not just mean acceptance of gay and interracial couples, but for anyone anywhere.

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Marketing to interracial couples. Why is it basically never asian with black or hispanic with black? if they want to “hit” demographics. Leonardo dicaprio breaks the ice with four words for an asian-market advertisement of jim beam bourbon. The amazon echo commercial is truly confusing. Why is it almost always a dark brown guy with a light skinned girl? if they wanted to appeal to the raceless mutts, they could just use those olive-brown skinned people. May sound far-fetched but these people will stop at nothing they are hell-bent on pushing their mental illness on the rest of us. Out a second-floor window in a commercial for directv now. During the super bowl in 2014.

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Black woman with british accent, 3 black kids, white american looking guy also siting at the table with them. They treated it like some kind of crisis and featured people who were “scrambling to find solutions”. Just wait until they start using magnetic fields to turn off parts of your brain so you’ll be more accepting of migrants and sucking cocks.