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I always find it really fascinating, what sperm cells get up to. Good microscopes will be able to keep your sample in focus as you switch between magnifications; for a random educational consumer scope, don’t count on it! you’ll probably have to do significant searching after you switch objectives. This really i isn’t important for you to know at the moment. Sperm is see-through, so the light passing through your “specimen” washes everything out. I thought a smartphone microscope could be an easy way to look at problems with male fertility.


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You can now check how healthy your sperm is using your smartphone

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Magnification to see sperm. Just a dab of sample should do if you don’t have coverslips and are willing to clean the lens thoroughly. Remove the glass coverslip, place one small drop of liquified (15 to 30 minute waiting time), well-stirred semen in the middle of the slide and place the glass coverslip on top. The second number 160/0. Fourth of july goals. In his home country.


1 numerical aperture (na). I recommend that potential volunteers, for the medical trials, take a look as well.