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Logging in to your magicjack account should be simple and easy for most but there are always a few cases where people have difficulties. There are a number of very good things that i like about magicjack service. I then connected to their only customer support which is a chat site online. For those that wanting to get a phone number and receive calls or texts to that number it is just $1. Calls to germany my balance went down to $24. It also seems that this is a ploy by magicjack to deter customers from filing complaints for anything from ordering issues (like mine), to double-billing, to service issues. My girlfriend has the magic jack.

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Magic jack rip off. Dennis: that is not what the email that i received from you said. Not only was the return process absolutely ridiculously difficult, but extremely time consuming, non-stop typing back in forth with agents, and then discover that the magicjack plus is not even available yet. My sister has a brand new top-of-the-line hp computer, bought the magicjack about 5 months ago and never has had a problem with it being recognized. Never do it again. Miriam: i just sent to you the magicjack terms of service for us to understand each other here. I am an ardent user of mj for over 4 years now and never had a problem both in windows xp and windows 7.


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I finally had to hot glue the connection to the devise so that it would keep working. No one wants to change there number every year.

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