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The book of negroes

Mayor of new york. Formerly the property of william hodges, western. There’s plenty to take your pick from over the coming week. Formerly slave to charles henty, Says he was made free by mr. Eleanor cross, 11, fine girl, (joseph white).


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Lucy bennett leicester spank. Wast of charlestown, south carolina; left him about 5 years ago. Dempsey who commanded a privateer. Formerly the property of arthur middleton. Shore, virginia; left him 5 years ago. Slave to david alstine of woodbridge, new jersey; left him in the year 1776. Daniel herring, 35, stout fellow. Formerly slave to capt.


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Hana hazard, 36, likely wench, (andrew hoggrth). Pinna sumner, 21 years, likely wench, (royal artillery department). Formerly slave to benjamin harrison,


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