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For living on earth, this is bruce gellerman. It was the worst nuclear accident since chernobyl and a chilling reminder of the nuclear dangers remaining in the former soviet union. For living on earth, this is laura knoy in washington. For the protection of the environment: committed to protecting and improving the health of the global environment. The sierra club says the enforcement measures described to kantor are not strong enough to protect the environment.


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Lithuanian newscasters strip. Living on earth is a project of the world media foundation, in cooperation with the public media foundation and wbur, boston. James werner is with the natural resources defense council. A new report at the department of energy says us nuclear weapons plants are plagued by shoddy work, poor controls, and perhaps even sabotage. Recently at the soviet military facility at tomsk, there was a fire, chemical explosion, i guess it contaminated about a hundred square kilometers. Nearby sweden, mindful that nuclear accidents don’t respect national boundaries, has so far supplied most of the financial aid and technical support to improve ignalina. Until chernobyl i also thought the same way.

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Air date: may 7, 1993

Yablokov: the main direction, as i can see, to help us, is not money. By the time they tried to stop the reactor, it was too late. It relies almost entirely on ignalina’s power, and economically-troubled lithuania now wants to export the plant’s surplus energy for desperately-needed hard currency.

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