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Writer and educator abe louise young was born in new orleans, louisiana in 1976. Young people will be informed about the drop-in opening times and planned activities they may take part in. 30pm for young people post year 13 (18-25). Counselling, we will refer them within ypas or onto other organisations. Supports lesbian and gay young people.


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Should i tell anyone i think i’m gay, lesbian or bisexual?

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Lesbian advice for young people. We have set out a few thoughts on coming out, and links to places you can contact if you want further advice and support. You don’t have to bind your chest if you don’t want to, but if you do that’s fine! and even if you do bind, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock that adorable new dress on top of it. You’re allowed to dress however you want and identify however you want, none of the above has to define you in any way, shape, or form!”. Anyone – keep yourself safe and don’t divulge any personal information. Bullying can take many forms, including stares, looks, whispers, threats and violence.


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Confidential national helpline for young people under 25 to help you work out what you need most and can put you in touch with places that can help – whatever the issue. Luke tryl, head of education at the charity stonewall, which this week launched new practical advice for teachers and parents to help lesbian, gay and bisexual young people avoid online abuse, said he was “delighted” the nca had launched this guidance.

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