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Although this may have led us to misidentify some associations, it should not affect the findings that were significant, or our conclusion about the prevalence of eating disorder among lgb men and women. We present the lifetime prevalence estimates and standard errors for eating disorders in lgb and heterosexual respondents. For binge eating disorder, the dsm-iv further requires an assessment of marked distress. There were no differences in eating disorder prevalence between lesbian and bisexual women and heterosexual women, or across gender or racial groups. Existing studies have serious limitations. Our findings are not consistent with the hypothesis with one exception. But others found no differences between lesbian and bisexual women and heterosexual women.


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Latina lesbian eating black. It may be that how the gay/bisexual man is connected to the gay community, in addition to his feelings and perception of that connection, impacts the prevalence of eating disorders in this population. Third, to date no study has assessed racial/ethnic variability in eating disorders among lgb subpopulations. That may suggest the presence of an eating disorder, but do not provide evidence of a clinical diagnosis. Instead, studies have used measures of body dissatisfaction.

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A gay gym or sports team) will have a higher prevalence of eating disorders than men who are not affiliated with such organizations in the gay community. Nineteen percent had education equal to or less than a high school diploma (. Gay culture and the gay community have also been implicated in this hypothesis.

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